I am Kevin Lipe. I work in Instructional Technology in Davidson County Schools in Lexington NC. I hope you enjoy these ramblings of a diehard technologist.

Monday, November 28, 2005

New Trends in Education

I believe the new trends in education are going to be uncovered by the educators willing to step outside the bounds of our 50+ year old system. These educators must be willing to risk not teaching for the test and willing to find new and inventive ways to reach children. Children are finding the new ways by themselves, we must keep up. If we fail to keep up the education system will fall apart because the demands placed upon it by society by become too great for it to keep up.
While sitting in my pre-conference session on Web 2.0 at NCETC with David Warlick we are throwing out ideas by use of a blogging system. This blogging system will help us to share our ideas with each other. Because, collectively we are greater that we are individually.

Best thing at NCETC - Learned

The best thing I have learned at NCETC is to collaborate with others in my field as well as those outside of my field. We can all learn things from each other if we keep an open mind and accept others' experiences (both good and bad) as learned knowledge and build that onto our own knowledge base.

Web 2.0 with David Warlick

I am sitting in a presentation given by David Warlick on Web 2.0 at NCETC in Greensboro NC. I have heard David speak on this topic numerous times and am constantly amazed at his forsight and understanding on this topic. He has recently changed over his on-line handouts to Wiki format which is a wonderful idea. This way his attendees can add or edit the handouts and make this a living breathing document.

He is having this class to create their own Wiki so they can contribute to the session.

Here is mine.

We are now working in www.43things.com. This is a wonderful thing to go and collaborate with people.

Friday, November 04, 2005


As I sit here in my Instructional Tech department meeting we starting a discussion about podcasting. There are so many instances that can be applied in education. We in Davidson County are going to start a major push using podcasting in our schools.
We discussed using podcasting in elementary schools by having students use iPods for reading in audio books. Actually, have the older students podcast the books and have district younger students listen to the recordings. Reading remediation can be enhanced by using podcasts of reading material so students can read at their levels and speeds. Hearing the correct pronunciations can be a very valuable tool. High Schools are always looking to enhance student discovery in technology. Podcasting can be used in so many ways to allow students the access to express themselves through this medium, give reports, have documentaries created, etc. The possibilities are endless.
Stay tuned to see how we can take this technology and run with it in our schools.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

EETT training at DCS

I am currently sitting in a session that my department provides to Davidson County Schools as part of the EETT grant we received a few years ago. This grant allows us to provide technology to teachers by giving them training, hardware and software packages to use in the classroom.
The teachers in attendance today are elementary teachers, three from five schools in Davidson County. These teachers had to complete an application and essay to be picked to attend this training. They also will be required to deliver training to fellow staff members at their respective schools. To spread the word so to speak.
These teachers will receive a Mac iBook, Kodak Digital Camera, Tripod, Data Card, Card Reader, free training on all of these products as well as training on how to use this new technology in their classrooms.
I'm not sure about you, but this is such a great thing we provide to our staff members. Yes, we do the regular staff development in our schools on a daily basis, but never do we get to give them "stuff" they get this excited about. It was like Christmas morning here this morning.
This is my first post to this blog, one of many I hope.
See you soon.....

Monday, November 29, 2004

Hello everybody

Hello everybody. Hope you are fine.

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